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Buddhism is most famous today for everything it originally never taught.

As such I do not for the most part advocate or endorse Theravada nor any form of Mahayana, Vajrayana or Zen. These sects are not the original doctrine.

This website is devoted to the true doctrine of Buddhism, Traditional Metaphysics and Gnosis.

I am against all false illogical systems such as: secular humanism, atheism, creationism, materialism, agnosticism and the mass of pseudo-religionists such as those who claim to be 'Buddhists', and 'spiritual'...yet deny the very spirit (attan, soul, nous) which is the only refuge proclaimed by true Buddhism and traditional metaphysics at large.

The core message of presecular Buddhism found within the Nikayas, the oldest texts of original Buddhism

"The Soul (Attan) is Charioteer"[Jataka-2-1341]

"The Soul (Attan) is ones True-Nature (Svabhava)" [Mahavagga-Att. 3.270]

"The Soul is the refuge that I have gone unto; it is the Light, that very same sanctuary, that final end goal and destiny. It is immeasurable, matchless, that which I really am, that very treasure; it is like unto the breath-of-life, this Animator."[KN J-1441 Akkhakandam]

"The Soul is having become-Brahman" [MN 1.341]

"The Buddha is a teacher of non-dualism (advayavadin [i.e. Advaita])[Mahavyutpatti; 23: Divyavadaana. 95.13]

"The Soul is the refuge that I have gone unto" [KN Jatakapali 1441]

"To be fixed in the Soul is to be flood crossed" [Mahavagga-Att. 2.692]

"Having become the very Soul, this is deemed non-emptiness (asunna)" [Uparipanna'sa-Att. 4.151]

"Steadfast-in-the-Soul (thitattoti) means steadfast in ones True-nature (thitasabha'vo)" [Tikanipa'ta-Att. 3.4]

Sapiens nihil affirmat quod non probata---"The wise man states nothing as true that he cannot prove."

"The Platonic truth seeker is pleased upon either uncovering the truth, being proven wrong, or proving himself wrong, for all bring him nearer the truth regardless the means employed."

Belief vs True Knowledge

Human beings are hardwired for faith, this can be seen throughout all of history and into the modern day where 84% of people around the world affiliate themselves with a religion, religious thinking extends even beyond religion itself into the form of political and ideological movements which proselytise in a religious manner and are often even more zealous and fanatic.

One might look at the world and it's vast multitude of conflicting and incompatible beliefs and conclude "There must be no ultimate truth, if there was this truth would be obvious to all" or "With so many differing beliefs what hope is there of finding the right one?" The former statement is flawed in its assumption of the 'wisdom of crowds', the idea that a group of people is more adept at solving a problem at a single individual, this only holds true for simple problems such as guessing the number of pennies in a jar but breaks apart instantly upon contact with a complex problem. Furthermore the nature of truth is that it is absolute, there can be no compromise or deviation.

The Needle and the Haystack

The latter statement is flawed in its resignation in the face of a difficult task. The world and it's miriad of beliefs is like a haystack and the needle in the haystack is the truth, hard to distinguish and almost impossible to find, but not to the wise. The way to find a needle in a haystack is to burn it, when the haystack is set alight the combustible hay cannot withstand the fire and burns away to ash leaving behind the needle which is untouched by fire.

Likewise the truth is revealed by burning away one's own false and inferior beliefs with the fire of wisdom until only the truth remains, absolute and impervious.

This method is known as Jhana in Original Buddhism and Retroduction/Abduction in Neo-Platonism

The Summation of Buddhism

"What is the one benefit, Master Gotama, which you exist for? The one thing that the Tathagata exists for is the fruit and emancipation by illumination." [SN 5.73]

"Followers, this body is to be seen as it really is, it is merely (the product of) past karma (i.e. the body/5-aggregates cannot be purified)." [SN 2.65]

"The Aryan Eightfold Path is the path leading to immortality" [SN 5.8]

"The Tathagata, the Buddha, is a designation for (means) 'become-Brahman'."[DN 2.84]

"The well-centered mind/will (citta) is the path for attainment of Brahman." [SN 4.118]

"This is immortality, that being the liberated mind/will (citta) which does not cling (after anything)" [MN 2.265]

"This said: 'the liberated mind/will (citta) which does not cling' means Nibbana"[MN2-Att. 4.68]

"Steadfast-in-the-Soul (thitattoti) means one is supremely-fixed within the mind/will (citta)"[Silakkhandhavagga-Att. 1.168]

"Your mind/will (citta) is supremely emancipated, like the full moon on the fifteenth day in dark of night!"[SN 1.233]